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About US

finance4project (f4p) platform was created by two  founders Mrs. Ana Lucas and Mr. Robert Bulla  after doing business around the world over the last 25 years in international banking and international trade. Young digital technology specialists joined our team and the result is our unique multisided f4p platform - a startup bringing knowledge, innovative thinking, capital and networks globally to the benefit of our platform users.

f4p was created to provide an online marketplace to companies and entrepreneurs to promote ideas, share projects and find alternative solutions to what is needed to make them happen - from funding to any other type of service or expertise. Today’s digital world gives everyone the possibility to benefit from global reach, in a way that no one is limited by location, expertise or personal networks. This is the vision of f4p multisided matchmaking platform.

Because of our background as founders, we recognize good business ideas when we see them; we are investing own capital in some projects that are successfully ongoing, and we aim to continue to do so.

The f4p platform is committed to help companies and entrepreneurs all over the world reach out directly to registered banks/investors, service providers and partners (locally, regionally and globally), to make it easier and faster to achieve their goals.

f4p provides a space for all parties to come close to each other and explore all possibilities that the digital world offers to develop successful businesses and ideas. The platform is both a project accelerator and a digital business matchmaker.