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Corporate Partner Frequently asked Questions

Corporate Partner Frequently Asked Questions


What are Corporate Partners?

Corporate Partners are Corporates or Institutions – mainly Banks, Investment Funds, Municipalities, NGOs, etc. who have subscribed to a Private Dedicated Secured Space (PDSS) with f4p. The PDSS’s features allows corporates to originate business directly from Project Holders, either from Public Zone (PDSS1) or from organic sources (PDSS2). Projects shared to the PDSS are not seen by the public, and Corporate Partners further benefit from direct built-in communication services with Project Holders within their PDSS.

Corporate Partners’ logos may also appear explicitly on the platform’s homepage in the section “Our Partners” upon agreement.

As investor, what is the difference for me between the Private zone and the Public zone?

In the Public Zone, investors browse through projects shared by Project Holders; details of the projects are available to anyone registered on the platform, and the project holder may be contacted through the built-in contact . The Private Zone is meant to be dedicated to the particular investor, by allowing him to receive business propositions directly from Project Holders (business origination from public side – PDSS1), or from specific predefined prospects the Corporate Partner identifies (PDSS2). In both cases, the projects are solely seen by the Corporate Partner and are not available to the Public in general. The Corporate Partners also benefit from a built-in Private Conversation Service (PCS) that can easily be used as communication tool with the Corporate Partner. All communication and information exchanged is encrypted.

What are the main differences between the PDSS1 and PDSS2?

PDSS 1 is available for those corporates or institutions that want to originate business from the market, particularly in cases of limited or lack of physical presence in a location. Project Holders in the Public side will see which Corporate Partners are registered in the Private zone and will choose to share their projects and requests only with them.

PDSS2 is aimed at corporates and institutions that want/need to have a coordinator role for projects and businesses being originated within the corporate network but from several locations or entities. The Corporate Partner defines who can access its own space (through Hyperlinks) and then coordinates within its cell base all business origination.

What are the costs? The costs are disclosed to the Corporate Partners once they register as such in the platform. There are two subscription packages available for PDSS1 (6 and 12 months), and costs vary per number of hyperlinks requested in case of PDSS2. There is a free trial period of 30 days under the PDSS1 that requires no pre-payment or payment details. Payment for PDSS2 is done upon invoice issued by f4p. Please refer to the section “Pricing” for further details.

Who can use the Private Zone of the platform?

The private Zone of the platform is designed to be used by corporates and institutions that embrace the new idea of originating business in a digital manner.  Entrepreneurs more and more wish to communicate and share their needs from the comfort of their homes and offices instead of physically having to travel to convey their messages and share ideas. The services in need vary from financing, to equity partnerships or other services - consultancy, financing, legal, insurance, etc. All companies offering these services are potential users and potential Corporate Partners in our platform.

Where do your proposals come from?/where do you have networks?

Proposals/projects from the Public side are submitted by individual entrepreneurs, companies (Project Holders), and our f4p Banking teams from several countries (these will be continuously growing as the platform will develop).

How do I know that a project submitted directly form a Project Holder is genuine and worth looking at?

Each project shared to the PDSS1 in our platform is prechecked by the f4p Banking Team. The team has sufficient financial and analytical background to review the project and all information shared. The team checks the information provided for completeness, meaning that in case of a project in need of financing from a Bank for example, the f4p Banking Team reviews all information to make sure the f4p Request for Financing unified formulary is duly completed, and information provided allows the Bank to make a speed analysis and is sufficient for a first high level decision for continuing in discussions or not. f4p does not in any way evaluate the projects in respect to risks associated; the review for completeness should not be understood as a positive evaluation form f4p towards the merits of the project; this is the sole decision and responsibility of the Corporate Partner.

There is a filter incorporated into the platform whereby Corporate Partners may select projects received from Public according to specific criteria : location, amount, tenor, sector of activity, etc.

f4p does not have any insight into projects shared via PDSS2, as these are shared by Entrepreneurs and companies that were invited to the private space by the Corporate Partner directly.

How do I contact the Project Holders?

Under PDSS1 the first obvious communication channel is the built-in Private Conversation Service (PCS), in case the project Holder did not provide additional contact details in the shared documents. If he did, then you may contact him directly accordingly. During the course of discussions, it is up to you to decide which channel of communication you will use.

Under PDSS2 the Corporate Partner has the contact of the Project Holder from the first place, so he can contact him directly (or use the PCS), or both.

Can I receive projects from any country under the PDSS1?

You will only have access to projects that are located in your own country of residence and one more country at your choice. So if you are a Corporate Partner registered in the UK, you will see projects from Public as long as those projects are located in the UK. You can also decide that you want to receive projects from an additional country (at your choice).

Do I have to or can I invest through the site?

No, f4p is not a fundraising site nor a financial mediator. The purpose of this site is to provide a matchmaking and business originating platform for project holders and investors and other service partners looking to connect with/help them. We help investors originate business and facilitate the communication, but we do not engage directly in the execution of any project or transaction. Once the information has been shared with the Corporate Partner in his private space, the subsequent discussions/transaction take place directly between Corporate Partners and the project holder without interference of f4p.

Do I have to do my own due diligence on projects/ideas I receive? Yes, your own due diligence on any project/idea you consider investing in is necessary.

I have other questions, who do I contact? Contact us by email: