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HOW IT WORKS?  (“f4p website or f4p”) is a website that provides a matchmaking and business origination platform for entrepreneurs, banks, investors and business partners. Project holders publish their projects/business ideas or promotions on the public zone in order to find funding or partners, while investors and service companies either browse projects and ads on the page to find potential clients, or use the private zone for business origination directly to their private dedicated space.

f4p does not raise funding nor gets involved in the communication between the Project Holders and Investors or partners; the platform is solely a digital facilitator of the communication and matchmaking on the web.


How does it work for Project Holders?

When creating/adding a new project, Project Holders will have to choose between publishing their projects in the Public or in the Private Zone of the Platform. Projects shared to the Public Zone will be seen by all registered users browsing the webpage, while projects shared to the Private Zone will be directly shared to the private space of registered Corporate Partners (Banks, Investors) as selected by Project Holders. Typically, these will mostly be projects that include a request for Financing.

See below a short tutorial how to share a project to the platform and how to send  a project directly to Banks together with a Request for Financing.


Publishing the project/project idea. Each project holder needs to register on the platform to create his/her own account.Then, if he wants to publish a project/idea in order for investors/partners to see it and contact him, he will be prompted to Add a Project and fill in the Create a New Request Form. In this form, the project holder will first have to choose between sharing the project to the Public or the Private zone of the platform. Then he will proceed with adding information on the project as per sections described: name of project, basic information like amount, sector, location, etc. and detailed description: attachments containing e.g. business plan, feasibility study, presentations, etc., are possible to add as PDF files and picture formats only. The project holder also may indicate which services are needed: funding, insurance, consultancy, legal, etc.

The project holder then submits the project for approval to f4p. Please note that the degree of detailed information the project holder discloses is entirely up to him/her, however, if the project holder decides to share the project with Corporate Partners exclusively to their private space, the level of information detail required is higher. When publishing to the public zone, we advise to carefully consider which details to disclose, and contemplate revealing sensitive information to the investors/partners only after executing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with them.

f4p reviews and approves projects within 24 hours assuming all is complete and correctly filled in - in case f4p finds inconsistencies in the form, the support team will contact the project holder and undertake the necessary steps to correct all missing information. After approval, the project holder will be able to publish the project/idea choosing the duration of publishing. Detailed information on the project and contact will be disclosed to all users that are registered in the platform. Contact with the Project holder is done through a built-in contact formulary that the investor or business partner fills in. The project holder receives a mail from the platform informing about the message of the party interested, and may then contact the investor or partner directly. There is no interference whatsoever of f4p in the communication between project holders and investors or Business partners.  registered as investors. For all other public browsing on the site, only a short description of the project, location, amount and services needed will be disclosed.

Projects and Project Ideas are shared to the Public or Private zones of the platform for free.

Publishing a Project/Business for Sale or a Company promotion. The same process applies as for projects or project ideas with two exceptions: a) Projects for Sale and Company Promotions adds are subject to a fee depending on the duration of the publishing, and b) they can only be shared to the public zone of the platform. You can start by using the “Add a New Project” button or clicking “Purchase” below the price corresponding to the duration you pretend on the home page. The “Create a New Request form” will intuitively lead the Project Holder to fill in all needed information, and after f4p approves the add, the project holder pays the respective fee and publishes its add to the web page. In case of Company Promo, a “Preview” button is available to Project Holders to be able to preview how the add will appear on the home page; this may be very helpful particularly when images – logo or other – will be included.

Topping the project on the webpage. The project holder may decide to top his/her project on our webpage. This will be done for a fee and it will display the respective project on top of all other projects on the page for a 7 days period. For detailed information refer to the Project Holders’ Pricing section.

Prolonging the publishing. By the end of the publishing period, the project holder may prolong the publishing of the project. If not prolonged, the project and all its details will remain in the section My Projects where they will be stored, but the project will be no longer seen to the Public on the page. The project holder will still therefore be able to see his previously published projects when logged in to his account. In case of renewal of publishing, the Project Holder will just press the “Publish Now” button next to the respective project and proceed. Prolongation of adds will be treated as a new add or promotion and subject to the respective fee.

Changing the project details after publishing. The projects belonging to a project holder show as a list under his account, and by choosing the respective one and clicking “Edit”, the project holder may add new pdf files in section attachments to the already published projects up to a maximum capacity of 20MB. This may be useful in case of projects under construction where details and updates will occur during the publishing. Please be aware however that the description of the project, location, amount (basic data on the project) may not be changed after publishing. Changes to this information will have to be pre-approved once again by f4p and therefore treated as a newly published project.

Unpublish/cancel a project from the page. The project holder may at any time decide to unpublish/cancel (not seen by public) the project from the page. All it takes is to be logged in, and within his profile choose the project that should be unpublished and proceed with the unpublishing - pressing “Hidden” button.

Services from Business/Service partners. While adding a project or idea, the project holder is prompted to indicate if he needs certain services for example financing, consulting, legal or other. By clicking the respective boxes this will be seen by the public reading the page, increasing the likelihood that companies (Business partners) offering such services will decide to contact the project holder to offer their services. This will enable to get various offers for the requested services from registered Business partners.


When targeting a particular group of Banks, Investors registered as Corporate Partner in the private Zone, the Project Holder will be first prompted to choose to which category of Corporate Partner his/her project is dedicated to or should be shared with: Banks, Investment Funds, Venture Capitals, Municipalities, NGOs, etc.

Once he ticks the respective box, the Project Holder may see who are the Banks or Investors that will receive his request under the chosen category. If the Project Holder choses to send his request directly to a Bank, he will have to fill in the f4p Request for Financing form that will include all necessary information needed by Banks to consider such request. For other Investor categories, only a few necessary attachments must be added. In case of questions the Project Holder may contact f4p Banking Team for advise on filling the form or attaching files.

Once completed, the request will be submitted for f4p for approval, and when approved, all content will be locked and is ready to be sent by the Project Holder to the Corporate Partners chosen. The Corporate Partners benefit from a Built-in Private Conversation Service with the Project Holders that shared projects to their private space. They will either use this communication channel to contact the Project Holder or will do so by email.

How does it work for Banks,  investors and Corporate Partners?


Viewing published projects. All published projects are viewable for browsers on the page, and all details are available for registered users. Non-registered users will see only limited information: brief description of project, location, sector of activity, project value. In order to have access to all content and details on the project, including contacting the Project Holder, the investor/business partner must create and account (register) on the platform. Access to content is FREE.

Contacting the Project Holders.  Contacting the project holder is done through the built-in Contact Form next to each Project. Banks, Investors or Business partners that wish to offer services as required by the project holders fill in the formulary and their message (including their contact details) will be passed on to the project Holder through the platform. It is only possible to contact the Project Holder while being registered in the platform.

Further communication between partners and project holders takes place bilaterally, without the interference of f4p, who only provides the tool for initial origination and communication.


Banks, Investors and Business Partners benefit from a Private Dedicated Secured Space (PDSS) in the platform. While they can still browse projects in the Public Zone as well, they use their private space to originate projects directly – projects that are not published on the Public zone but shared only with specific Corporate Partners.

There are two products available to Corporate Partners: PDSS1 and PDSS2.

How to register to have access to the PDSS. Banks, Investors and/or Business Partners that decide to benefit from being a Corporate Partner will do so by creating a new account: this is possible either through a) the Sign-Up Button on top of the home page or b) through the New Registration button under the Corporate Partner Section on the footer of the home page. Clicking the “Become a Corporate Partner” button, will navigate the user to a registration form to be filled in. Only legal companies may register as Corporate Partner, Individuals cannot. As part of the registration the Corporate Partner will have to provide a Validation certificate that must be subsequently approved by f4p (the certificate is easily downloaded and then uploaded on the page). This certificate will establish who on behalf of the company may register the company’s account in the platform, and will stipulate that the company is aware of all conditions and ToU under the platform and adheres to them. Only after approval of the Validation Certificate, may the user complete the account creation and activate his PDSS.

Pricing. Pricing for PDSS1 and PDSS2 will be disclosed to the Corporate Partner after registration/account is created – under the section “ PDSS Subscription”. However, purchase of packages and activation of the PDSS will only be possible after approval of the Validation Certificate by f4p.


Project Holders that want to share their projects choose the category of Corporate Partners they want to share their project with: Banks, Investment Funds, Venture Capital, Municipality, NGO, etc. Their projects are then reviewed by f4p and after approval the Corporate Partners in the chosen category have access to them in their private space. From this private space they can communicate directly with the Project Holders via a built-in Private Conversation Service.

Accessing projects from Project Holders. Projects from Project Holders land on the PDSS1 automatically after approval from f4p and submission by the Project Holder. Projects are available for a period of 30 days unless the Project Holder will prolong the publishing. The Corporate Partner will see all details of the projects including all attachments. If the Corporate Partner is a Bank, attachments will contain a duly filled-in and already revised f4p Unified Request for Financing with all necessary details for a first express analysis and consideration of the project. Corporate Partners have access to a filter tool that allows them to choose or prioritize from projects they are interested in in terms of amount, location, sector, etc.

 Contacting the Project Holders. The Corporate Partner may contact the Project Holder either through the built-in contact formulary, or the Private Conversation Service (message system) available to communicate with Project Holders that chose to share the projects with the Corporate Partner.

Pricing and Payment. After activation of the account (upon approval of the Validation Certificate by f4p), the Corporate Partner may click the button “Activate Trial” under the “PDSS Subscription” section. During the 30 days trial period the Corporate Partner may cancel the subscription without any charge at any time. After the 30 days, the Corporate Partner will choose the length of his subscription and be redirected to PayPal for payment in accordance with chosen 6 or 12 months period. Alternatively, the trial will be automatically deactivated. Each Corporate Partner may benefit from a 30 days trial period only once.

Multiple Corporate Partner internal users under PDSS. The Corporate Partner may define a multiple number of internal users to have access to the projects shared in its PDSS. Access is given by “inviting” the users by email where hyperlinks to direct registration under f4p are provided. Once the user registers in the platform using that link, he will be automatically integrated into the Corporate Partner’s PDSS and will be able to see all Projects shared from the Public and use the Conversation Service available to communicate with Project Holders.  

Deactivate or Prolong Subscription. Changes to subscription are done under the section “PDSS Subscription”. After the 30 days trial period and payment for the respective subscription, the Corporate Partner will use its PDSS for the time as chosen. He will be notified by email through the platform with reminders that the subscription will come to an end, one month and  2 weeks before expiry respectively. Prolongation or activation of a new subscription (and also its deactivation) is done under the section “PDSS Subscription”, and reactivation will work as for the first activation time. Corporate Partners should always provide f4p with an updated Validation Certificate in case of changes to the one previously provided.



Under PDSS2 it is the Corporate Partner that manages its business origination by providing access to its PDSS to pre-defined prospects or clients. There is no communication between the Public zone and the Private space in this case. Pre-defined Project Holders will receive hyperlinks - like invitations - to join the Private space. These links navigate Project Holders to registration under the platform, after which they will be seen by the Corporate Partner as Active under its private space.

Accessing projects from Project Holders. Projects from Project Holders are shared on the PDSS2 directly by the Project Holder – no intervention of f4p whatsoever. The Corporate Partner will see all details of the project and all attachments just as the Project Holder submitted.

Contacting the Project Holders. Since invitation to the private space is done by the Corporate partner in the first place, the Corporate Partner already has contact details available. However, he may also use the Private Conversation Service available under the PDSS.

Pricing and Payment. The Corporate Partner will be able to activate his account only after approval of the Validation Certificate by f4p – similarly to the process under PDSS1. However, pricing for PDSS2 will be provided on a case by case basis, by request to the f4p Sales Team under the “PDSS Subscription” section; the Corporate Partner must define how many hyperlinks he needs (100, 200, 500, etc.). f4p will provide the respective pricing and invoice by email to the Project Holder within 24 hours after the request. Once payment will be received the PDSS will be activated for a 12 months period.  

Multiple Corporate Partner users under PDSS. Similar as for PDSS1, see above.

Library. Under PDSS2 Corporate Partners dispose from a separate folder where they can add forms, notices, offers or any other templates or documents for the Project Holders under the space to use or consult. For example if a Bank has a specific form for request for financing, then the template may be downloaded from this folder and it is available by all Project Holders.

Using PDSS1 and PDSS2 simultaneously. The Corporate Partner may decide to use both types of private space under the f4p platform simultaneously to take advantage of all benefits offered.

f4p Banking teams. The f4p banking teams are and will be formed worldwide in several countries as the platform will be expanding and users from several countries will be added. These teams’ role is to advise, control and approve the project base from each particular country before it is published on the platform or shared with Corporate Partners in the Private space. If you have banking or analytical credit background, and you would like to join one of our teams or form one in your own country, please contact us at

Charges for services of f4p. All payments in the f4p website are done exclusively through PayPal unless invoices are issued before payment. In case the user does not have an account with PayPal, the service will execute payments from the respective credit card as inputted.