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Investor Frequently asked Questions

Investor/Business Partner Frequently asked Questions

Is there a maximum/minimum investment or amount for projects?

There are no minimum or maximum amounts. Project Holders have several project value intervals to choose from when publishing their project. These values represent the total investment amount, so it does not mean this is the amount of funding needed. To have the full details you must create an account/register to get access to the project details. 

What are the costs? There are no costs for Investors and Business Partners browsing any of the shared projects in the Public zone.

How is my privacy protected?

f4p does not share your name or contact information with anyone, unless you decide to contact the project holder directly through the f4p built-in contact formulary. The message you write including any contact details you wish to disclose will be passed on to the project holder. Connections with project holders are made completely on your terms so your details are private until you decide to disclose them to a particular project holder and reveal your identity.

Who are Business Partners? How can I offer my services?

This platform is designed to be used by entrepreneurs who hold a serious business idea or project (Project Holders) and need to find the proper partnership. This may mean equity, financing, or other services (consultancy, financing, legal, insurance, etc.). The platform brings together project holders and partners/investors who may be private people or corporates willing to invest or provide services (Business Partners) as needed by the Project Holders. There are search filters available for you to select those projects that correspond to your interests, services, or investment strategy.

How can I filter proposals using your search page?

You can use the available search filters to prioritise those proposals that are more appealing to you and correspond to your interests, the services you provide, or your investment strategy.

How do I get in touch with entrepreneurs/companies?

When you see an idea or project that you find interesting and/or mentions the need of a service you can offer, click on it - to see the full details you must register in the platform and be logged-in. If you want to contact the project holder to offer your services, you can do so directly using the f4p built-in contact formulary next to the project details. The Project Holders will receive your message by email and will contact you using the contact details you provided.

Do I have to or can I invest through the site?

No, f4p is not a fundraising site nor a financial mediator. The purpose of this site is to provide a matchmaking platform between Project Holders and Investors and other service partners looking to connect with/help them. We help investors originate business and provide a tool for the communication between parties, but we do not engage directly in the execution of any project or transaction. Once the initial contact has been established by the Investor, the subsequent discussions/transaction take place directly between you and the project holder (without interference of f4p).

Do I have to do my own due diligence on projects/ideas I like? We strongly advise you to do your own due diligence on any project/idea you are considering investing in or provide services to.

I have other questions, who do I contact? Contact us by email: