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There is an increasing awareness in the world that the purpose of a company has to be beyond shareholders value, basically, beyond profit. We share this principle and we want to act upon it.

Our purpose is to promote interconnectivity within the society to achieve its improvement.

We believe that we are socially responsible and we must contribute to the progress of thinking and knowledge. We trust that by our actions and financial contribution we can make a lasting difference. By doing this we would also like to set an example and improve practices in the entire field we work on.

We are still a start-up company with so far no sufficient raised funds to make relevant contributions. But we already know our purpose and we already can commit that as soon as f4p becomes profitable, we will make available every year a percentage of our profits to support financing educational programs globally in the field of digital economy and its complementary functions.

As soon as our parameters are defined, we will publish them as program on our page and will honour our commitments.