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Project Holder Frequently Asked Questions


Why use f4p to promote my company, my project, project idea, or business for sale?

Our f4p platform provides support for your projects and ideas in several ways:  

Is my project/idea suitable for investors?

If you are looking for an investor to invest in your project, a partner to help you with setting up your business idea into reality or a bank to finance your business then your project/idea is suitable. The investors in our platform look at all stages of businesses and across all sectors from start-ups to more established businesses. Our f4p platform includes all different types of projects in nearly all sectors of activity. Sharing your project or ideas with investors is for free.

How do I Promote my Company, products, or Business for Sale with f4p?

It is very simple to create your own advertising with f4p. You will promote your company, your products, or your Business for Sale worldwide, sharing details and providing description exactly as you want. If you are looking to promote your company globally, f4p is an ideal platform.

What is the difference between sharing my project to the Public or the Private zone of the platform?

If you share your project in the Public zone all registered users browsing the f4p page will see it (non- registered users will only see the project title and short description, without any details). If you choose to share only with Corporate Partners in the Private Zone, only the ones you choose will receive your project details, and it won’t be available at all for browsing in the Public Zone. Once you share your project with the Corporate Partners you have access to a built-in Private Conversation Service through which you can communicate directly.

Advertising your Company or Business for Sale is available to the Public exclusively, since it is done for a fee.

How do I publish my project/promo?

The first step is to create an account/register in the platform as a project holder. Then you will be able to submit your idea/project/promo by clicking the „Add a Project “ button and using our simple „Create a New Request“ form.

What information should I include in my idea/project/promotion?

There are guidelines in the „Create a New Request“ form that will guide you intuitively as to what and where to include in each section depending whether you are sharing a project or creating a promotional advertisement. It is entirely up to you which level of detailed information you will include about your project or company.

Can I upload my business plan, pictures or other files?

Yes, the „Create  a New Request“ form will allow you to upload additional information including, if you wish, your business plan for investors to view. While creating a Company Promo you can also add the logo of your company. Please also refer to the questions below regarding confidentiality.

How do Investors or Business Partners contact me?

Investors and Business Partners interested in your project shared on the Public zone will contact you through the f4p built-in Contact Formulary. You will receive a mail from f4p with the contents of the message from the Investor and then it is up to you to contact him back.

How can I protect the confidentiality of my idea/project?

The degree of detail you disclose to investors in the Public Zone is at your own discretion. If you have concerns about confidentiality we would advise you to include enough information to get the investors interested in your project without revealing any sensitive information. Once you start discussions with an investor directly after he contacts you, you may consider asking them to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before you release more information.

If you prefer to share your project with the Investors that are Corporate Partners, particularly Banks, in our Private Zone directly, you will need to provide more detailed information regarding your funding needs and your business. However, all Corporate Partners are validated by f4p to ensure their trustworthiness, and only they will receive your information – it will not be shared in the Public Zone.

How long does it take for my proposal to be published and go live?

Projects and business ideas or promotional adds will usually be reviewed within 24 hours by f4p for approval, after which you will be able to publish them. Projects submitted to Corporate Partners are also reviewed within 24hours and f4p will contact you in case the provided information is incomplete, requesting you to add information or make changes. You will be notified by email as soon as f4p approves your request to publish.

When does the day count start for the paid promotions and adverts of Business for Sale?

The day count starts on the day your promo is published and viewable on the site – which should happen immediately after payment.

Can ideas/projects be edited after being published?

Yes, projects and project ideas can be edited at any time by the project holders. However, the short description initially published may not be altered (if altered it will be treated as a new project and will need to be reviewed and reapproved). You can add any new PDF attachments to the details part of the formulary to reveal any changes, updates, pictures, etc. As long as the basic information is not changed, Projects already published will not be reviewed again, so the changes will be immediately seen on the page.

Promotional adds and Projects for Sale cannot be changed after payment and publishing.

Can I publish more than one project?

Yes, you can publish as many ideas and projects or promotions as you want.

How do I top/prioritize my project/idea on the page?

 You can top any of your projects on the page for 7 days in the main page for a fee. Please follow the instructions on the f4p page.

What are the costs?

You pay only to top your project and for adds for Sale and Promotions. Check out the "Pricing" section on the f4p page to find out more.

How can I pay?

You can pay via PayPal - if you do not have an account with PayPal you will still pay through the service but using your credit card.

Can I prolong the publishing of my project?

Yes, you can choose to prolong the publishing at any time, however we advise to wait until the already published period is close to an end to benefit as long as possible from the publishing.

What happens at the end of the paid 30/60/90 day publishing?

At the end of your paid publishing period you will have the option to renew your project on the page. If you choose to prolong, your project will be reactivated for another (as you choose) period; if you choose not to prolong, your project will be deactivated from the page and will no longer be seen by investors or reader viewers on the page.

Do I need to do my own due diligence?

We undertake a number of checks on each investor when they register on the Public Zone and  Corporate Partners in the Private Zone are also duly validated. In any case you should also do your own due diligence on any investor you deal with in the Public Zone.

I've forgotten my password. You can reset your password in the section Settings in your registration.

I've forgotten my login Send us a mail message through

How do I unpublish/hide my project/idea?

By clicking the respective button under any of your projects to change it from “Published” to “Hidden”.

Other questions?

Send us a message through the "Email Us" section and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.