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Relationship Management in Corporate Banking Course
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Short description

Comprehensive online course at about Corporate Bankers and how they acquire and maintain large and profitable corporate client relationships. Everything you need to know before joining the Clients' Department in Corporate Banking or if you want to learn about all tasks and responsibilities that await you if you are a recent hire. And if you work in a Bank in a different area and want to know more about how Relationship Managers work, get large financing deals approved and negotiate loan agreements, this course is also for you.

Full description

This online course is available under Udemy and is targeted at young graduates that aim at a Corporate Banking career, or recently hired bank employees in Corporate Banking that have the ambition of understanding more about the front office position of Relationship Managers and what they entail. The course provides an overview of the tasks and responsibilities inherent to this position, including relevant lectures in the following areas:

- Client acquisition and maintenance

- Client profitability and Sustainability

- The role of Corporate Bankers in the Preparation of Credit Applications

- Compliance, Regulatory and Legal aspects in Corporate Client Relationships

- Products and Services offered to Clients and proper pricing

- Credit Agreement preparation and negotiation

- Risk Assessment and monitoring

- Know Your Client principles and why they are crucial

and other.

Take benefit from my 2 decades experience in Corporate Banking to understand the world of Corporate Client Relationships, and learn what it takes to acquire them and make them last. Learn about risks around a lending transaction and how to protect the bank through solid loan agreements while generating profits. Understand how client visits and negotiations must be prepared, and the basis behind preparing offers that clients will accept.

See also more information and related videos on my Youtube Channel "Ana Lucas- Corporate Banker" here:

Enroll and take the opportunity to ask questions and discuss business cases in assignments based on client examples.


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