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high-precision reduction gear
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The products of the company Spinea are suitable for applications, which require high reduction-gear ratio, high kinematic precision, zero-backlash motion, high torque capacity, high rigidity, compact design in a limited installation space, as well as low weight. They are widely used in automation and industrial robotics, in the field of machine tools manufacturing, in navigation and camera equipment, medical systems and many other fields. SPINEA enjoys the membership of international robotics associations, such as the International Federation of Robotics, EU Robotics as well as the German Engineering Federation - VDMA.

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Satisfied customers and visions

Major customers of the company include, in particular, the manufacturers of industrial robots such as KUKA, ABB, Comau, and RRRobotica, manufacturers of machine tools such as DMG Mori, Trumpf, and Doosan Infracore, the packaging equipment manufacturer Tetrapak, and the specialist in glass grinding Swarowski. Besides the mentioned applications, the TwinSpin reduction gears are also used in industrial automation, radar and navigation equipment, camera and monitoring systems, medical equipment. Thanks to their precision and reliability, the TwinSpin reduction gears are also used in the atomic particle accelerator project at CERN in Switzerland. In the future, SPINEA wants to strongly support the development of its own R&D base, through which it secures further innovation and development of new products. These will then fulfill their mission reliably and precisely in any field of operation.



We are the only European manufacturer of precise cycloidal reduction gears, directly involved in new development of robots of the leading robot manufacturers.

The unique features of our reduction gears were developed mainly for the robotic industry. The dominant feature is the pure rolling friction inside the reduction gear and a single stage of reduction with a very high gear ratio, from 33 to 191. These two features improve the final properties of robot, such as repeatable precision, dynamic movements of arms, running costs, low vibration, and low noise.

The biggest success has been achieved in articulated robots and external peripheral robotic equipment. Our new G series reduction gear is our top product, which is able to meet the highest demands in the current development of robots and in the development of new robots in the future.  We are ready to co-operate with every robotic company in new development of their products.



Our company supports large diversification of applications in the automation industry. We have a strong position in particular in special applications requiring extremely high precision in critical equipment for testing and measuring of technical parameters of a final product. Tailor-made reduction gears with additional technical features are our unique speciality and we do our best to satisfy our customers in this sector. The reduction gear can be adjusted for extremely high precision and also for extremely high dynamic properties. In this field, we can provide more flexibility than our competitors.


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